I have three bundles:

install action:
install bundle-B
uninstall action:
uninstall bundle-B

install actions:
install network msi
install bundle-C
uninstall actions:
remove bundle-C
remove network msi

install action:
copy directory
uninstall action:
remove files

When I install/uninstall bundle-B directly, there is no problem.

when I uninstall bundle-A, I get the message:
"Cannot uninstall Bundle-C because it is being referenced by the following applications:


If I switch the sequence of the uninstall actions of bundle-B, (so the removal of the network msi comes before the remove of bundle-C), the error stays the same.

If I take out the remove Bundle-C action from the uninstall actions of Bundle-B, and puth that action in the uninstall actions of bundle A, it works.

Is there any knowledge about nesting multiple dependency's. This should work, not?