Maybe of help to somebody.

If you need to run an app that requires admin rights, but the local user is
only a user
application data is on the NW volume
you might have noticed that RunAs will not work as the administrator profile
does not know anything about NW connections
Setting a "dummy" user called administrator in eDir does not work either.

But this is the way to get it working
On local workstation have VirtualCloneDrive from Slysoft

Convert your application into an image file ie ISO
Mount that ISO under logged-in user

Use cpau from

run the application ie (from Application object directly or create encrypted
job file)

CPAU -u administrator [-p password] -ex "WhatToRun" [switches] -lwop

where "WhatToRun" is the application mounted as image under

Assume the VirtualCloneDrive is V:\ then it would be:

CPAU -u administrator [-p password] -ex V:\setup -lwop