BM7.3 SP2 supl C and NW6 SP3
On many pc in our company Gator has installed spy I like to
these sites. We have 4 rules
rule 1= deny URL source = any destination =list of sites of Gator and
bad sites.
rule 2 = accept application proxy port 80 source= any and
rule 3 = accept application proxy port 443 source=any
and destination=any
rule 4 = accept application proxy port 21 source= some users from the
We can internet and some people can use FTP but the deny rules are not

working. Strange thing is that when I delete all rules I can still use

internet. ( I refresh the server)
Our network has also a old BM3.5 server. The rules work with no
problem on
this server (I use this server to test some rules before I use them on
proxy authentication is on both servers disabled.