Here's the scenario we're stuck with.

LOTS of regional servers (HP DL380/385 servers with internal DAS).

RAID was setup as one large RAID array with all drives consumed (there
are no more slots for any more drives).

Since we cannot shrink an array (without backing up, deleting/recreating
and restoring), this will make life interesting when upgrading to OES2

From what I can tell, if I want to keep downtime to a minimum (some of
these servers have 350 GB of data on them or more):

1) Remove NW server from eDir, install OES2 on that same server in the
free space, mount the existing NSS Data volume (trustees held in eDir,
so should be okay?). The downsides are multiple. Obviously have to
setup EVMS as managing /,/boot, etc. during install, etc.

2) Take new server hardware to region, install OES2 on it, transfer
data, and then identity over. The downside is that it will take forever
to transfer the data and since we cannot work weekends (no budget for
OT), this means downtime during the day and we can't have the server
down for like 2 days.

I was thinking maybe it would be possible to setup some sort of iSCSI
something on the OES2 linux server and use a software RAID for NSS to
mirror the data over to the new server? Then break the mirror? But not
sure what would happen when I no longer want that to be "iSCSI" enabled
or if that can be done?

There's no local tape drives on the servers (we backup over the WAN, and
yes, it takes 5+ days to do a full backup).

I believe in OES2 SP1 they're coming out with an identity transfer for
eDir where the OES2 server can take the name of the old server, and I'd
prefer to keep things that way.

Obviously any suggested solution would be tested in a test lab first,
but I'm just wondering how to get that large data set over as we don't
have a lot of money for new hardware, let alone man hours to pay for
this to be done. (nor time. It's bad enough having to visit each
region with new hardware to do the migration--we're looking at almost 1
year to do if we did a server a week).