I am trying to create 2 filters to allow NNTP back to Novells NNTP site.

If I add the rules per TID 10069602 for port 119 I can not get
connected to their site.

I then delete the 2 rules and add a rule for "ANY" "ANY" and "TCP" and
I can get connected. This proves that BM is working, just not like I
want it to.

I then delete this last rule and again I am not able to connect.

I unload filters and I again can connect to the NNTP site.

I rebuild the exception and the filter. Reinitialize the System and
still can not get connected.

Unload the filters and again I get connected.

All other BM rules are working as defined/designed. Just can not get
NNTP/119 filters to work?

Any ideas???????? We are on BM 3.7 SP2.