This might be wrong forum, but probably not...

We have recently deployed a new WS image and made the mistake to include XP SP3 in it - now the GPO setting "wait for network to initialize" apparently seems to have stopped working.

Our environment is Netware 6.5, ZEN 7 SP1 w/ user and workstation policies, local profiles created by ZEN on first user login; Client is 4.91 SP4.
ZEN 7 SP1 IR3 and the newer agent on the SP3 workstations didn't solve the problem, so I don't think it's a GPO problem.

Have tried the image on two different PC models but both show the same behavior: if I try to login immediately when the Novell GINA login dialog shows up, the profile isn't created on the local machine, instead a profile folder named "TEMP" is created in C:\Documents and settings".
Network map commands from the login script dont work either.

If I right-click the "N" in the toolbar the login and mapping works, but of course the profile doesn't get created at this stage.

If I restart the machine and wait a couple of minutes - until the hard drive activity ceases - before I login everything works OK, all drives are mapped and the local profile folder is created.

All other machines (110+ Win XP SP2) work as usual, it's just the SP3 machines that are affected.

Any solutions or ideas?

Peter Knutar
Department of Governent, Uppsala university