I have a perplexing issue. There is a web site that is reported as
by BM. I investigated our block rules that are defined at the O
level, so
that we onlyhave to update one set of rules on a monthly basis :->
The site
was not listed in any of the block rules, yet was indeed being blocked
temporarily turned on access rule hit logging for the server I was
connecting to so I could find out what rule was blocking access.

I got this information from the NWAdmin snapins, but the rule number
that is
referenced in the logs does not exist in my rule list. I have worked
the problem by adding an explicit allow rule at the top of the list
adding this site into the rule, but I would like to know what might be
up so
I can possibly head off similar incidents - as there are other sites
are being blocked but don't appear in the rule list.