I have been skimming this form for a couple days and have found it very helpful. Currently I have a win2003 server set up with ZCM 10.1. When I installed, the computer name and IP address were set up incorrectly. I changed the IP address and hostname, and things seem to be working, except I am getting a "The certificate is not trusted because it was issued by an invalid CA certificate" error when going to the control center. I can ignore the error and everything works, although it is using the old IP address in the certificate.

To make a long story longer, I started out by trying to move a ZCM server to new hardware. Using some of the backup and restore utilities to do this caused the computer to freeze, yada yada, so I decided to just go with a clean install (this is a new product for us anyways). So, that being said, I did have the certificate, IP address, and CA certificates set up properly on the old server. I tried exporting and importing the old server certificates using the zman cae/cai and this gave no errors but did not fix the error in my web browser.

At this point I have only 1/2 a day invested. Should I reinstall Server 2003 again and start from scratch? Are there any other settings/config files that I need to change because I had changed my IP address? If it helps, I am using the built-in database.