I am considering options for upgrading our 10.0.3 ZCM install to 10.1.
We are facing the issues with the reporting server upgrade because of BOE.

See http://tinyurl.com/67bubl for details

I am looking for the best ideas from the community on how to perform this
upgrade with the least amount of baling wire, duck tape, and chewing gum

Would the following process work?

1. Create a back of up of the images (.zmg files), and network installs,
and the DB.
2. We flatten the server and resinstall the OS and 10.0.3 without BOE
3. We retore the DB and files (network installs and ZMG files)
4. Then we update to 10.1 and install the reporting component if we want

Any other options? Please let me know.


Peter Jurhs
Boise State University