I've been redirected here and have being given TID10060341. Sadly enough this TID assumes the server is still active, and it's not. How do I remove it without being able to CLUSTER LEAVE etc. I clearly asked for removing a dead node not a live one ;p

Thanks for the response tho, whoever it was that responded.



I've been looking everywhere for any form of instructions or TID's to removing a dead cluster node. The customer has no intention to replace this server with a new one as the Novell cluster will be replaced completely by the end of this year/start of next year. That project is already running and cannot be moved forward, I asked...

So I have a cluster with 5 nodes. 1 of the 5 has broken down and will not be brought up again.

How do I manually (and gracefully) remove the node from the cluster? Any insights would be appreciated. If this message was placed on the wrong forum any re-direction would also be appreciated.


Netware 6.5 SP5.
Edirectory SMP