Hello all.

After having trouble with all the upgrade mess we decided to reinstall ZCM with an external db instead of Sybase.

Well, after the new install went smooth we started to test re-deploying/upgrading/reinstall the new 10.1 Agent to existing clients with the old (10.0.1- ZCM Agent.

Then the trouble started, the old zone-name shows up when logging in on clients, so users canīt log in to the zone.
The new zone-name don't show up at all, only the old zone-name and the option "ZENworks Zone". the user canīt login to non of them.

You think that when you uninstall the agent all of the registry-strings and stuff would go away, but something is left to mess up this..
So, does any one have good suggestion how to solve it?

The server where the old zone was is taken down.
New ZCM is on SLES10SP2 and external db is MSSQL2005.

Thanks! /Jocke