Hello all,

I'm on BM39SP1, NW65SP7 although the problem started much earlier ...
<g>. I *think* it began with 3.9 upgrade, but it is just inconvenient,
not a disaster, so I put off doing anything about it and kept on doing
that until now!

Some time ago, we switched over to Moz FF browser and transparent proxy.
In doing so, some stations wound up with IE still set up for manual proxy.

What happens is that if one then tries to use IE, it returns 403
forbidden on all pages, including those on the LAN.

The second issue is that even when authenticated and running CLNTRUST,
the proxy times out and one has to log in again through the BM login
page. (Actually, the login page only appears for an HTTPS page,
otherwise it returns certificate errors and otherwise won't load the
page, depending on which browser one uses.)

I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me on these two issues.

-- Ken