Hello all,

Netware 6.5 SP6
Zenworks 6.5

I have a major problem for me. Last summer (August '07) we upgraded our switches to 3Com 4500G PWR 24-port on top with 3Com 2948's underneath. (So one MDF has a 4500G with two 2948's plugged into the 4500G.) In one building (where my office is located) we also have one 2924 because we needed more ports. My Zen imaging server is plugged into the 2924 as well as all the ports in my office (where I do all of my image creations). When it came time to send up my updated images this year, I am unable to connect to the Zen imaging server with several of my base image PC's. I tried and tried to figure out what could be causing the problem.

It turned out all the computers that would successfully connect to the Zen imagaing server had either Intel NIC's or Realtek NIC's installed. My PC's that had Broadcom NIC's just wouldn't connect. I thought maybe I needed the right NIC driver on my boot disk. Didn't help, because I tried every Broadcom driver and the most up to date boot disk. I thought maybe my server going out (not really, but it crossed my mind). I kept coming back to the switches. My imaging and multicasts worked fine before I replaced them. I was monkeying around in the web interface of the 2924 switch and apparently found a setting (accidental and can't remember), that when I changed it, I could send all the images up to my server or pull a new image down. I thought I had it all worked out then. But, I was wrong.

When I go the labs where I am trying to Multicast (clone) my base machine to the others, I get the same problem on the same Broadcom NIC PC's. I tried moving the cable from the server up to the 2948 from the 2924 switch, but still nothing. It seems the setting that I found (purely accidental) on the 2924, doesn't show on the web interface of the 2948's. So now I can image from my office, but no where else that isn't plugged directly into the 2924 switch. If I go through a 2948 or 4500G I can't to get to the imaging server and I can't connect with a multicast session using a Broadcom NIC.

My question is this: What settings need to be enabled or disabled in a switch to allow Zen imaging to work properly? Or am I missing something else here. I may have to console into a switch to change the setting, but I won't do that unless I know what I am looking for. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,