Hi there

I have a Netware 6.0 Server runnuning on a VM Server. The Netware Server has a 18GB SYS Partition which a like to have a bit smaller (only 6 GB used).

What I have tried already:

- Extended the VM Disk
- Created a new Partition (SYS2 Pool, SYS2 Volume)
- Copied all data from SYS to SYS2 (but he did not copy hidden files -> eDirectory)
- Renamed SYS Pool and SYS Volume to SYS3 Pool and SYS3 Volume
- Renamed SYS2 Pool and SYS2 Volume to SYS Pool and SYS Volume
- Deleted the old SYS Partition
- Renamed the SYS2 Partition to SYS
- Restarted

The server is running to my suprise. But as mentioned eDirectory not.

I also tried Portlock Storage Manager, but they do not support resizing NSS Partition.

Is there any chance to get this SYS Partition smaller?

Thanks for any help.