We currently have a Novell DNS (NW 6.5) which is on a netware server. It supports multiple domains with trust relationships created between them. We have created a new Windows 2003 Active Directory integrated environment which points to the Novell as a forwarder. While I can see all the AD objects in the Novell DNS and have setup a stub zone in AD to accomodate the DNS objects from the Novell environment, I am still having a difficult time getting the servers in the Novell DNS to ping the AD servers without putting in the FQDN. (Getting errors: Ping request could not find host) But when I put the FQDN it pings correctly. Also I cannot setup domain trusts between these various domains as I keep getting the errors that the server "Could not find Domain Controller for this Domain" in User manager for Domains. Is there something I'm missing or there needs a zone to be added in novell DNS that has the AD servers as their SOA? Any help would be appreciated.