I have stranges issues since a few weeks now....
- Logins are very slow (sometimes more than 5 minutes!),
- Map drives are sometimes missing, or sometimes incomplete
- and NAL is sometimes empty!
- Explorer window is very long to open

My workstations are Win XP SP1/SP2, with client 4.91 SP4 (+ post SP4 fixes)
My 3 NW servers are NW6.5 SP7 + NCS1.8 + NMAS 3.2 + Universal Password ON
We are using Identity Manager 3.5.1 to sync with Active Directory
We also user ZfD 6.5 SP2ir1
We also use Trend officescan client 8.0

I've read a lot of threads about slow logins, missing maps, but can't find anything that helps..

What can cause such slow logins?SLP design?Too heavy login scripts?bad Zen object implementation?
Any help would be very appreciated