We are running OES 2 Linux 10 sp1 on Novell side and Windows 2003 on
Windows side. We have DNS configured on OES 2 Linux 10 server and
Windows 2003 server as well. We configured DNS on Windows 2003 to
forward to OES 2 Linux 10 DNS server. Recently, I found that I can still
ping all the host names with no problem but if I ping ip address with -a
to resolve the dns name. I do not get any thing back including ping all
the OES 2 Linux servers. Also I found that I can ping any workstations
and Windows servers from any Windows servers using "ping -a x.x.x.x" and
got the name resolved. That tells me that something may be wrong on
Novell DNS server side. I would appreciate it very much if someone can
give me some advise where I should look into it.

Thank you very much!