I have an NW6.5 network with about 15-20 servers, a little less than 300 users and about 75 printers. The network was originally 192.168.1.x and when those ran out they went to 192.168.5.x with a router in between. We are now getting close again and I am looking at options. I would like a netware perspective, because our logins, most of our data and our Groupwise 7.02 all reside on netware servers. I am trying to avoid changing the actual ip address of the servers because it is a bit ugly in NW and because the GW ip is in everyone's registry. Here are the options I've come up with:

Option 1 - I have thought of having the servers stay 192.168.1.x/ and change all the workstations to 172.16.<floor>.x/ with 1 router in between. This would allow up to 254 hosts per floor and up to 254 servers. The only downsides I see is a single point of failure which I could get around with a backup router and the fact that every request goes across a router to and from the server.(this of course already happens for the 192.168.5.x people now.) Is this a bad thing? Does this hop really make a difference?

Option 2 - I have thought of leaving the servers at 192.168.1.x but change mask to I could then change everyone's IP to 192.168.<floor>.x/ There would then be no router except one to point to the Internet and the city across the WAN. The upside is obviously no router and less complex. The downside is I think all would need to be changed at one time. Now the Netware question, would this mask work on a netware server and would all ~600 hosts be too much traffic to make for fast login, data and Groupwise use?

Obviously, I am up for suggestions. Finally, knowing how netware and groupwise function, which of the two options would have the best speed? Thanks for your help.