I am running into huge issues with locks on four new oes2 servers. All are set up the same with a sys volume and then using evms for vols 1,2 and 3. I have several programs running that have databases that multiple people need to access simultaneously. Two big ones right now are Accelerated Reader and School Management. The first is a reading test program that all students must participate in. If only one student is in, it works fine, but once the 2nd student gets in, I get a message that says "the data is locked by another user" on both machines. When in School Management, I get a message that says "syslock" is locked. I have several other school oriented databases that are running into the same issues. All ran great on Novell Netware, but all have bombed on linux. Support from the two companies I have contacted for these two programs say basically, "We do not support any form of Linux. You need to convert to Windows 2008." I know these should work and I have found some info on oplocks, but I do not know if that pertains to just sys/root or if it also applies to other volumes. Also, I do not know how to get things started back up after any change is made without restarting the servers which basically ticks off the entire school.

Thanks, David