New 2 Node OES2-L Cluster. Shared iSCSI disk.

Trying to create my first NSS clustered Volume - I run NSSMU - devices, F3 to Init, make Shareable

Then I go to Pools, Create, name it, select the device and fill in the new IP address for the resource - I have it set to activate on creation and it does show shareable.

I get the error -2 Error cluster enabling the NSS Pool.

Reading thru TIDS and forum threads - I checked my host file and commented out the 2nd IP which is for the iSCSI NIC. I have a replica of the partition on the new server. I notice I do not have an ADMIN_SERVERNAME or ADMIN_CLUSTERNAME volume object in the tree like I do for my Netware servers.

Any ideas? I'm kind of stuck here.