I have the following situation : HP Server DL360 (1 of 4 cluster nodes) G4 with Netware 6.5 SP6 installed and this server is running the NDPS Broker, NDPS Manager, Pcounter software, SLP DA, DHCP, Apache2, groupwise 7 SP2(3?) HP webaccess agent (the tomcat bit), Syncsort client agent and APC Network shutdown software

Once a month the server had a abend on java. I assumed (hoped) that after applying SP& the problem would be over but it isn't. In fact the server now abend's a few times a week. I found several threads over this issue but I cannot find the sollution. The abends are everytime of a different time and mostly (except the last time) when the backup is not running. The last two abend's you find attached on this message. Anybody any idea's?