I'd seen a post back in Jan 5, 2008 by "WoofaJB" regarind the collection

To quote: "When the Client connects to its assigned Collection Server
(set in a reg entry) it checks in. The server then works out if the
machine has completed a scan during that collection cycle (made up of
start date/time and duration) and if not then the server queues it up
for a scan. If the server is bus it may not send a scan command for a

Well, that doesn't seem to be happening.

Collection is set By Week
Start Time of 1/1/2000 (currently end date shows 8/28/08)
Every 1 week on Thursday

Scan for 1 Days

machine was last scanned on 7/18/08

But it's been powered on many times since then, just not on Thursdays.