So I get like security notifications (lucky me) for incorrect logins to
one of our thingies.

Imagine my "surprise" when I look in my groupwise folder to see 30
incorrect login attempts in a row from user ABC.

(needless to say they've already locked their account out)

So I contact user ABC to make sure it was them and not someone trying to
hack into their account.

Yes, it was them.

They forgot their password.

Now, keep in mind that:

a) We have a "did you forget your password" link on the web server
b) It didn't work the first 29 times, what on earth compelled them to
think it would work the 30th time?????!!!!!!!!

My favorite one is this:

User: "I have a problem with my Blackberry"
Us: What is the problem?

User: It said if I entered my password incorrectly one more time that
it would erase all my data.
Us: So what happened?

User: I typed it in wrong again and it erased all my stuff!!!


(and yet, these people are allowed to drive and vote and make more
"important" decisions than myself).