We are experiancing an issue where the apps are not giving the user the
privelages that the app has. NW65sp7, Edir 88sp2 and post updates, Zen 7
ir3a, CLN492sp4 post updates, ZFD agent from ir3a. We had an issue after
doing a migration to new hardware using the migration tools to keep the
server and objects all of the same. We screwed up using the trustbar so all
of the trustee rights were not copied. This was confirmed by checking the
app rights to files and folders on the volumes and discovering that they had
none of what was setup previously. So for example we might have an app that
needs just read and file scan to a particular directory to launch a
particular program. After fixing the app and giving it the rights it needs
the user still cannot launch the app. Checking the trustee properties of
said folder shows that the app has the rights given to it in the app
properties.But if I give the user explicite read and file scan to the same
directory the application in the launcher works. Edirectory and timesync are
clean. We have several schools with this issue. We did 24 upgrades and about
eight had the trustbar file screwup. We presumed that all we would have to
do was go into the apps and set the appropiate rights back up. That has not
worked. Suggestions?