Lately, there is a published advisory from Secunia that there are multiple vulnerabilities with an ActiveX control (ienipp.ocx) that is used by Novell. Although it is mentioned in the advisory that the vulnerability only affects version 4.36 on WINXP and version 5.04 on WinVista. The prior version of 4.x iprint client could also be affected, and there is no solution from Novell to patch this vulnerability. From the IT Security guys standpoint, they're very concerned of the risk that could cause to the organization from this vulnerability. However, from the operational perspective, i don't see a necessity for alarm if the perimeter security is tightly controlled. Nevertheless, i am still working on a solution. How do i downgrade the iprint ActiveX control from "Safe" to "Unsafe"? If i could downgrade the control, it would disallow Unsafe ActiveX controls from being launched in Internet Zone. I could further mitigate this by adding the iprint portal website to Trusted Sites zone whereby i could allow the ActiveX control from being launched.