Anyone wanna go in with me on registering the following domain?

That @$#%#$%@!$% Symantec Endpoint Protection is the biggest piece of

Darn stupid thing disable WPA/WPA2 authentication. So hey, Symantec kb
says upgrade to SEP11MR1 or newer. You do that and what happens? NOT A
@#$%!@#$% THING! No magic checkbox appears to enable/disable the
setting that blocks that auth traffic. Ok, fine, so my MR2 upgrade
didn't fix it. Now let's upgrade to MR2MP2 (you can't go from GA to
MR2MP2 directly, MP2 can only be applied to MR2 or MR2MP1).

STILL NO @$%!$@%@%@%@% CHECKBOX!

And for those of you that complain about Novell versioning, I freaking
swear, deal with Symantec first. At least Novell doesn't say you have
to go to some intermediate patch before you can install GW7SP2IR1HP2.
Rev B.

"Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us
who do."