Hi Im trying to get Centos to install the agent. If I edit distributions.xml and put the search text from the centos redhat-release contents in things seem to go through to the next stage and not tell me off for an unsupported distro.

Now I know its not officially supported, so please dont lecture me. But given its 100% binary compatible with redhat, there must be a way other than manually installing everything to get it to work.

The problem i get is that it says "cant find xxx" ./runtime-deps and if I install these manually it cant then find ./install stuff.

I told it to look into the rhel-4as-x86_64 "target" so assume it only half did that and isnt actually looking into this folder to install the RPM's

So has anyone managed to get the ZLM agents to install on non standard distributions ok? If so do please tell.