I'm trying to integrate Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) into our zcm 10.1 solution. Microsoft has created a MMC snapin (MDT) to enable users to easily create a windows deployment. Basicly this creates a cifs share on the network with all the files needed to install the operating system. Drivers, applications the OS image etc etc are all stored here. I would like to use zcm to deploy and handle the imaging process though.

Zcm does have support for wim files though it modifies the image to inject some files. What i have done is i've uploaded the winpe.wim image to the zcm server, after that i replace the winpe.wim file under tftp/boot with my own from the MDT share. So whenever i pxe boot into WINPE now, i get the correct MDT image and wizard deployment.

Has anyone else tried this and found a better, cleaner solution? It's working pretty ok now as it is. Although i consider it "cheating"