Our office has several Netware 6.5 sp7 servers and a single Windows Server
2003 box supporting Active Directory. User names/Passwords within eDir and
AD are the same (and in a week or two will be auto-sync'd using Identity
Manager). All workstations currently have both the Netware Client and the
Microsoft Client installed. The Netware Client is configured to pass the
user name/password to the MS CLient during login.

With all of our data and print services stored on the Netware servers, and
the Windows 2003 server being used solely to allow access to an Exchange
2007 server for e-mail, all has worked fine. Unfortunately, I must now
provide access to network resources on the Netware servers to computers
running Windows Xp Pro x64, an OS for which there is NOT a Netware client.

I intend to set up these new workstations with solely the Windows client. I
would have the user log in to the AD, and that would then run a login script
hosted on the Windows server. In that login script would be command lines
such as the following:

@echo off
net use g: \\Netware_Server_1\Documents
net use r: \\Netware_Server_2\CAD_Files

The Netware shares could be CIFs shares defined on the Netware servers.

At present, if I run this login script on my x64 workstation, I get prompted
for a user name and password for logging into Netware_Server_1 and then
again for Netware_Server_2.

Is there something I can do to the Netware side of the network so that these
user names and passwords don't have to be entered? That is, during the login
process, the workstation\domain user name and password would be used to
access the permitted resources on the Netware servers?

Lastly, would things be easier if I simply upgraded the workstations to
64bit Vista clients? I believe that the Netware Client for Vista supports
64bit and would thus give my users the required access without going through
hoops reconfiguring my Netware servers as CIF's or PDC or some such boxes.

I look forward to your response.