Okay, in ZFD, the workstation object would show user history (so you
could see who'd logged into the workstation)

Only issue we ever found was that if the PC was disconnected from the
network for more than 30 days, our Removal policy would remove the
workstation from eDir, so obviously we'd lose that information.

Since ZFD didn't "integrate" with ZAM, ZAM 7.5 was used for asset
tracking by us.

However, ZCM integrates the two and there's no longer the "old" ZFD
inventory, it's now really ZAM inventory sort of.

Does ZCM (current build) track user history on workstations?

My testing with ZAM 7.5 is that unless you do a scan every single day,
you will not have an accurate user history of who logged into the
workstation (and even if you DO scan every day it won't get multiple
logins during that day).

Whereas ZFD would have this information.