We're running Zenworks CM on a fully updated Win2k3 server and we have agents running on a mixture of XP and 2000 PCs.

Things were running pretty well up to and including ZCM version Then we had some issue with high CPU and RAM usage by ZenLoader.exe so we were advised to apply SP1.

We did this and it installed OK. Rebooted server and the CPU and RAM usage issues have gone (reboots didn't fix this before).

However, now users cannot log their adaptive agents into the realm. The error message is:

Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect

After a user has logged in to Windows they can log in to the ZenWorks Zone Realm from the drop down list (strangely, this realm isn't available at login time). This is no good.....we need the agent login to be transparent, as it was before SP1.

Things I've tried:
Reinstalling the agent ( and 10.1)
Re-registering the agent
Checked user source on the server which is fine.

A strange observation....when logging in to the server itself it prompts for Zenworks agent login TWICE (I just press esc both times). This isn't the case for the client PCs...they just get the one prompt.