Just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone who is running SurfControl
Novell BorderManager.

This past week, we started getting errors with the database update
routine (CSP_LIST.NLM run each night by CRON). The error reported that

the server could not contact the update server.

This was not the problem.

After trying to apply, then update from version 860 of the database,
found that the error started when the v 869 update started. This
occurred during each of our three attempts. The official word is still

out, but SurfControl tech support suspects either v868 or v869 as the

problem. When they let me download a version of the database past the

two suspected versions, and I was able to do an update to v 871
the previous issue. The SC tech indicated that several other open
customer issues were solved in this manner.

So, long story short: check out your NBM console and CPFILTER logs to

see if you are getting your updates. If you are not, then you may need

to contact SC and get the link to the updated database to get past the

nasty version of the database.

for more information.