Ok, so the server that I had Zen 10 linked to died; its ldap fubar'd. I tried to move the user source to a different server while this one is under repair. I deleted the current source but it still shows up under configuration. When I try to delete it again I get the message:

"The object called XX could not be deleted because it does not exist"

I also cannot recreate the user source on a different server because Zenworks keeps claiming I already have a user source for that connection name. The error is:

"The Wizard cannot continue for the following reasons(s):
Unable to complete your request for the following reason: A user source already exists for the specified directory"

I already have 2 service calls into Engineering on other issues with this server, I really don't want to put in another. I am pretty fed up with Zen 10, prior to its release the last service request we submitted for anything Novell related was 9 years ago.