Setup and installed a brand new OES2 server on HP BL460c Blade, connected via MPIO to Xiotech Magnitude SAN.

NSS stuff is on a dedicated VDISK (no write-back enabled, just like the rest of our 16-node NetWare cluster).

Copy a 540 MB ISO file from NetWare server to another Netware server (Same blade hardware), via my Windows XP Pro PC.

Took 56 seconds to write the file to NSS on NetWare (and this is with thousands of people accessing the same data volume and NetShield loaded, etc.)

Now, copy the same from from NetWare to OES2 NSS volume (and I'm the only one on the OES2 Linux server).

1 minute 20 seconds to write the same file.

Are there any performance tweaks that have to be done to SLES10 SP1 or OES2 Linux to get better performance?