Did a hardware upgrade to a newer server with NW6.5 sp6. Then restored nds from old server and file system. Upgraded to SP7 with all the post sp7 patches including iprntnw65sp7b. Thought iPrint was working; however I couldn't get into the majority of the high school as it was under construction. iPrint is working on the library printer; however it is not working on 3 startech print servers/printers in 3 labs. Not sure about the other print servers yet. When you send a print job it does not print to these 3 startech print servers. iPrint worked on the old server.

I deleted the printers in iManager. Did a dsrepair. Recreated the printers. Still can't print. If I setup a tcpip lpr printer in windows, it will print to the print server/printer. Just iPrint jobs don't work.

Noticed some error messages on the server console:

NDPSJPMComm failed with error 663 opcode: 106
(Think this was while doing a dsrepair -- never had this happen before.)

NDPSJPMComm failed on Printer Agent: 'femlab-335'
Error: 'unknown_error' (-663)
Opcode: JPM_OP_SET_ATTRIBUTE_SET (13977692941)