Do someone knows a way of login in first to the computer as workstation only and to a domain following after maybe 30 seconds with the Novell Clients’ login screen?
Our PCs are XP with SP2. My Novell Client is 4.91 SP4. We have NetWare 6.5 Sp7, ZEN 7.1, IDM 3.5. We are using IDM to sync passwords. When we change the password on the Network, it gets change in Windows Workstation, Active Directory, GroupWise and our IBM i5. We have a program that to make it work we need to login first with workstation only and the domain name and after that we right click on the “N” on the taskbar and we login into the Network. After login with workstation only I would like to force the NetWare client’s login to display so they can login into the Network. Any ideas? Thank you.