I need to backup server with NW6.5 SP6. I install Backup Exec NetWare agent on the server remotely according to manuals. At this moment I do not know exact, what is version number of this agent. Installation was successful. I add BESTART to autoexec.ncf and reboot server.
How I understand from documentation, agent will look for media server and will announce himself to it. So NetWare backup capability will appear automatically after successful installation. Did I understand correctly?
When server boot, i notice screen appearing after BESTART launch. It tells, that NLMs are loading, but after a while appear screen with text:

NDMPD.NLM: Unable to initialize communication interface. Another application is currently using NDMP PORT: 10000. Further program execution is not possible.

Test with telnet show, that port 10000 is free and nobody, except BE, use it. So when I start BESTART -!X where key mean - ignore port check result, telnet connection to port 10000 return a string of few characters, else no connection.

NOTE: Server, with attached library and management console do not have NetWare client and from papers I see, that this is not mandatory, while all things have been done through agent.

Can somebody tell, what is wrong? Is NW agent necessary on media server (W2000), or there is only BE agent problem on NW? Is agent from BE12 compatible with SP6?

I browse through BE forums and also here but dit not find something exact to my config.