We have some problem about as below:

We use Windows XP SP2 and install the Novell Client on them. Log on to the Novell NetWare 6.5 SP6 server already and we would like to use Virtual Office (1.6.2) by using browser (IE6, IE7, Firefox……). We can authenticate when browse to Virtual Office….. they look like smoothly but we could not authenticate when we click the file button (NetStorage). It will show the authenticate form Username and Password. We couldn’t use the same login name for authenticating this form (same = login on novell client and login on VO>>file)……BUT….. if we use another user for authenticate the NetStorage on Virtual Office by using browser…….IT CAN……WHY?????
What happen about our Virtual Office or NetStorage on NW6.5SP6? Please recommend us for solving this problem and thanks.