I'm trying to block/limit Streaming Media in general. I have a list of

specific IP/DNs that I would like to block.

I have BorderManager 3.7sp2 with only an HTTP proxy.

Users are able to stuff all sorts of traffic through the HTTP proxy
Winamp, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch Jukebox.

I have tried adding two rules to block the traffic. One is to Deny
Application Proxy HTTP, Ports 1-65535 to the Destination IP/DNs that I


The second rule to to deny all PORTS of type TCP/UDP Transport to the

Destination IP/DNs list I have.

Neither works 100% - I have an address of that I see one

user is streaming things in thru the Proxy (via Etherpeek) and I setup
rule to block it, but nothing works. I CANNOT stop the traffic.

Could you please advise me or point me somewhere for further info?

Thanks much.