In filtcfg I created "

TCPIP filers| Packet forward filters| exceptions:
source type interface: interface
all interfaces
destination interface: interface
destination interface: all
packet type
interface all
port 10606

Still does not work
"Massimo Rosen" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Rob Frailey wrote:
> >
> > We use an application called Rt Trader on the desktop which connects to

> > internet based server at When BM went online we were

> > to connect to that server. RT technical support suggested I open port

> > on the fire wall. I created an BM access rule allow port any origin

> > port 10606 any any, and
> > allow port any transport udp/tcp source any destination I
> > still cannot open a session to that server.
> > Any suggestions on what I missed

> Yes, you're mixing up gateway port rules and tcpip filter exceptions.
> Unless your application on the local machine supports SOCKS, your access
> rule will not do anything. You rather need to to create a filter
> exception for this port using filtcfg on the server.
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