Got a really odd one in my Milwaukee office. I recently rolled out a new
workstation image, so now users have Acrobat Pro 8 (yes, you heard me,
Acrobat Pro 8... what a waste of money for what they do for it).
Previously these same users were using Acrobat Pro 6. A few have Acrobat
Reader, and for those users they went from Reader 7 to Reader 8 at the
same time.

So now here's the problem. Sometimes they open files across the WAN from
a server located in Chicago. Got a point-to-point T1 between the offices.
Some files open quickly, some not so quickly, but here's what makes no
sense. While remote controlling a machine up there to do testing, I can
take a small-ish file, we'll say about 2.5-3.0MB, and open it up in around
a minute to a minute and a half. However I've got other files that are
around 8MB and they open in about five seconds!!!

Here's the difference that I can tell. The larger files were created by a
user here in Chicago using a PDF printer driver that wasn't created by
Adobe. The particular one we use is Iteksoft PDF eDocPrinter PDF Pro.
However, the smaller files were created by users in Milwaukee using
AcroPro 8. The way they "create" them is that they open PDFs that are
originally created by a local printing company and then simply resave
them. Odd thing is if I try to take an older file they would have created
using AcroPro 6, it still opens slowly.

Seems like there's something about how the Iteksoft app creates the PDF
allowing Acrobat/Acrobat Reader to launch and display the file without
having opened the entire file. I'm just not sure what it is. With the
old Acrobat software all files opened quickly (just several seconds).

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Does anyone have any suggestions
other than go back to the old version fdisk, etc? I need to figure out
how to make Acrobat 8 and Acrobat Reader 8 both open all files quickly
across the WAN.

"Those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do."