Hi, I have just upgraded to SP7 on NW6.5. Previously I was running SP6. Everything was running fine. Since upgrading I have had a winsock error 10061 when ever I attempt to amend a printer driver profile in iManager v2.6 and v2.7. I never upgraded the printserver to SP7 until yesterday and I had the problem on Thursday and Friday, at this stage all other servers were on SP7. It started when the other servers were on SP7 so SP7 has broke something. The client PC's used for iManager have not changed. All other functions in iManager are working.

Any ideas? I have noticed a few TIDs regarding DNS with this error but I am not sure that is relevant as all DNS functions are working fine unless of course SP7 has changed something on the DNS server.

Thanks in advance for any support and help you can offer.