I am testing a 2 node cluster for BorderManager use.
Netware 6.5 cluster with 2 nodes
BorderManger 3.8
Hardware Compaq DL370, 1GB RAM, Local hard disks for booting and Cache.
SYS: 4GB NSS volumes on central hard disk system (XioTech Magnitude),
Central storage 1 GB NSS clustered for Blaklists files, logs, etc...
Set up according to Appnote from sept 2003 "Running Novell BorderManager on
Novell Cluster Services"
Only 1 of the nodes is running BrdSrv, other just waiting for fail-over.
This all works very fine, with fast fail-over.

Now I want to use 3rd party filter from Connectotel: Linkwall (and Filewall
and Adwall in the suite).
This seems to be not cluster aware, and pure server centric (hard coded to
start on sys: volume).
We can live with this, as the $include files with url's can be on shared
volume, and very little configuration to do on both nodes.

I can start BRDSRV and Linkwall from cluster script,
Configuration of BM server with Linkwall (NWAdmin) is OK
Can create filter to use Linkwall: deny from any to filtered list.
Connectotel is checked as third party filter for this server.

1st rule = deny URL linkwall filter (for test just the default
sys:\etc\linkwall\linkwall.lst file, notting on cluster volume)
2nd rule = deny URL bordermanager filter (just 1 url for test)
3rd rule = allow Any HTTP to Any

When testing: rule 1 does not work, rule 2 is ok, rule 3 afterwords lets
everybody on any site.
So apparently, only the third party filters of Connectotel do not work in
this configuration.

I have followed all configurations in the Connectotel manual.
We tested this earlier in 2003 on a stand alone NW 5.1 with BM 3.7, and this
worked fine...

Any hints are welcome.


Kris Rotsaert