I need some advise regarding Windows Startup script.

I would like to run some batchfiles while XP computers are booting up, I mean before login screen comes up. So, I do not want to run it by login script.

The batchfiles kick some .exe files to check the system and install some apps and updates if necessary. So, I do not want to copy them to XP computers' local drive and run it by startup script locally on XP.

Its easy if its MS AD but I do not know how to do this in eDir network with ZCM10SP1.
I want to control this from ZCM10sp1 centrally simply and easily if feasible.
I do not want to copy batchfiles and related data to XP local computers over the network and run it while booting.

Any ideas or any alternative ways?

ZCM10SP1 on Windows2003R2sp2 32bit
eDir on NetWare6.5sp7
Client computers are XP sp2