Earlier today I added three volumes to an existing three-node Netware 6.5 cluster. The volumes mount correctly as clustered volumes, but within a couple of minutes the XNFS.log consumes all the disk space on the SYS: volume of all cluster nodes that have a volume mounted.

After taking all the volumes offline and unloading XNFS I was able to find the same error repeated:

1-9-2008 12:27:26 pm : Warning : The host <one_of_our_NFS_clients> is not notified. Failure code : 5.
The host name is the same on each line but different for each cluster node. Furthermore on removing the log and starting up the volumes again the specified hostname is usually different.

I can't find any information on what this error/warning means. Please let me know if you know what it is because I can't run any of the cluster volumes for more than a minute before the log fills and all users start receiving frequent 'out of disk space' popups.