Hi, I've setup a Border Manager 3.8 server running on Netware 6.0 SP3
for a customer. Everything works fine apart from Client Trust, whenever
someone tries to access a website they get the BM login screen. I have
one rule which basically checks whether the user is in a certain group
and if they are give them access. SSL appears fine i.e. PKIDIAG doesn't
through up any errors. SSO is enabled in BM setup.

I had a rule previously which allowes access based on the local subnet
address, this was working but even that's not working now.

Installing the beta SP for BM3.8 and SP4 for Netware 6.0 hasn't helped.

Just to confuse matters one of the PC's did appear to be working using
Client Trust when I tried it on Friday. This is setup the same way as
all the others i.e. NT 4.0 SP6a, Client 4.83 SP2 with Patch E, IP and
IPX, etc.

Any ideas?