NW 6.5/SP7. This server is purely an NDS box, holds replicas of our entire tree (eDir, DIB is about 275 MB). Needs periodic reboots to fix stuff like this:
9-01-2008 10:20:11 pm: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=6001D]
Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

9-01-2008 10:20:13 pm: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=2000A]
Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
4 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 41567845 from Module NETSHLD.NLM

Server currently has default settings (Cache=2147483648, auto tuning etc). We used to hard code a lot of settings with MEMCALC but I was hoping this would no longer be needed with SP7. SEGSTATS attached. Any suggestions?