Could you give me some advises regarding the location of application sources, pls?

There are two options for application source - upload to database or Network Path. There is a pros and cons, right?

My understanding is that:
Better to use network install when application includes multiple files and folders with script files, such as MS Office 2007 regarding performance.
Furthermore, its easy to modify a batch in the source if its on network path.
On the other hand, tiny single .msi apps with .mst file can be uploaded to database because no need to update script in case of changing.

Personally, I feel network path is better regarding that we can see the actual files on the network path and its inside, and easy to backup and restore.
However, I do not know about performance.

My understanding may be wrong.
Could you give me practical advise from real work, pls?

I have been testing ZCM10SP1 on Windows2003 R2 SP2 32bit with eDirectory on NetWare6.5 sp7 servers. All clients are XP sp2 at the moment.