Netware 5.1 installed, NDPS Broker v. 3.00, HP IP/IPX
Gateway v.2.00. Novell client 4.83 on XP sp3 PC. Attempting to create a controlled access printer in NW Admin and set Spooling Configuration to service a print queue. NDPS Manager object created successfully, controlled access printer created succesfully.
NDPS controlled access printer bound to an HP4014 remote printer with IP
address succesfully. When I view the details of the NDPS printer under NW Admin and attempt to get into jobs, spooling
configuration, I get the following message EVERY time:

Error NDPS v. 2.00
Message 875

Not sure how to get around this issue. Does anyone have a download link to NWAdmin ver 5.1.9f? Maybe NWAdmin is corrupt???