I'm sure others have asked (I've searched for this for 2 days and found a
variety of "almost" solutions...)

I've got to uninstall Client32 from over 1000 PCs running Windows 2000. And
it's various flavors - 4.83, 4.90, 4.91, and probably various services packs
of each. Some have NMAS installed, some don't. I haven't seen any single
solutions for this sort of (what I would think would be a very common)

This batch file works for workstations that do NOT have NMAS unstalled:

C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u ms_nwspx
C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u ms_nwnb
C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u ms_nwipx
C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u nw_wm
C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u nw_ndps
C:\Client32\WINNT\i386\redir\SETUPW2K /u nw_nwfs

For those that have NMAS installed, the Cool Solutions tip from here
(http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/14656.html) works, but uNMAS.exe
will **** out if there isn't any NMAS installed - so I can't just run it on
every script - it'll actually hang - ironic, since it's sole purpose is to
keep people from having to click "Yes" once when NMAS is uninstalled, yet it
hangs if NMAS isn't there. The message specifically is:
AutoIt Error
Line 2:
run, unclient.exe

Error: Unable to run program. (Ensure that backslashes \ have been used

So they have to click Ok, and to add to my frustration, the batch file then
aborts. Doh!

I thought I could check for NMAS via a registry key per TID 10092969, but
guess what - the registry key changed locations with versions of the
client - so that won't help.

Is there a common file or some sort of common indicator that shows that NMAS
is installed as part of Client32 so I can actually write one script that
will remove the various versions of Client32 without hanging or requiring
user intervention?